1. WATCH: Kanye West and His Moms Rap an Old Ye Verse Together (2003).


    Not to get all mushy and stuff, but there ain't no love like a mom has for her kids — even if they grow up to be rap superstars. In this video filmed back in '03, a still rising Kanye West visits his dear mother Donda (may she rest in peace) and she surprises him by starting to kick one of his early raps.

    "I said, 'Kanye, keep on doin' that, that's a million dollars,'" Mrs. West says about the memories of her son's early rappin' skills. To which Ye replies, "And we still ain't made a million yet."


    Ye: "I walk through the halls of the school and it's cool to be known by many for my rappin' ability/ But what about the brothers that ain't got it like me?/ Makin' money off the trade you can say I had it made/ Drugs on the rise and it's not a big surprise/ You see no soul in a young brother's eyes/ Hard bottle(?) streets but the streets are kinda hard/ But here's another fact that we can't disregard/ Black on Black is a stab in my back/ It really hurts my soul when I hear about that..."

    Mom: "I love that rap..."

    [Via Pigeons and Planes. Props to Water Block NYC.]

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