1. That's That Bullsh*t: Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Sued for Allegedly Being Terrorists.

    Sure, we like to poke fun at Kanye West (or as we like to call him, the Yëgermeister) as much as the next person. But even we agree that the Westashians are getting a bad wrap with this stupid lawsuit recently filed against them accusing the couple with all that power of being terrorists.

    As previously reported across the Webz, a man who doesn't rap but has a rapper name , Jonathan Lee Riches, claims to have witnessed the lovebirds doing some rather shady activities:

    "On 6/17/2012 I was in West Virginia, deep in the hills and I stumbled upon the defendants who were all at a Al-Qaeda secret training camp." He then went on to claim that Kanye and Kim pleaded their allegiance to Al-Qaeda, burned the U.S. flag and stomped their feet on Barack Obama's picture, performed a concert for all Al-Qaeda members, and shot AK-47s in the air.

    Yeah, right, buddy. Nevermind the fact Riches (rhymes with "snitches"), holds the Guinness World Record for suing the shit out of everything (he's filed more than 5,000 lawsuits over the past eight years). No way is Kim using her weapons of ass destruction for anything other than good.

    [Via Gawker ]

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