1. File Under: "You Never Thought Hip-Hop Would Take It This Far" - Kanye West's Kilt Fitting (VIDEO).


    We believe it was Thomas Jefferson, or perhaps God, who once famously said, not all kilts are created equal. Anyways, that maxim surely applies to Kanye West who's made a habit - including last week - of taking it to the stage in said man-skirt wear. You might think choosing the right custom leather kilt in which to rap would be a simple, perhaps even light-hearted decision (what would KRS do?). Au fucking contraire, fam, as the serious discussions that take place in the following Kanye kilt-fitting video (simply entitled "Pleats?") reveals.

    Pleats from Thomas Akira Nakasone on Vimeo .

    [via 2dopeboyz ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Iain J. Christ

      It's been coming, truly cements his status as the Axl Rose of rap