1. Kanye in Brazil Learning Samba (VIDEO).


    Faced with the decision to attend the Grammys or head to beautiful Brazil just in time for Carnival 2013, we're choosing partyin' with the Cariocas every dang time, believe that. Seems Replica Oakleys Kanye Fake Oakleys Oakley Sunglasses Cheap and his boo Kim Kardashian Discount Oakley Sunglasses agree, as they are reportedly there living the good life. But what's intriguing about this gossipy tidbit that we normally wouldn't cover here at egotripland is this photo above of Will Smith apparently in a Rio de Janeiro recording studio with Ye as well as this video of Mr. West's attempt at picking up some samba tips down below. Cheap Ray Bans Fake Oakley Sunglasses Here's hoping some baile funk footage leaks next.

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Bombzo The Clown

      he should go to Mime Artist School n learn how to shut up.

      hehe - jokin

    • Bombzo The Clown

      ...as should i. ...i'm too opinionated online. i should know when to call it a day...

    • mimers in Paris

      Sean Price - Shut The F**k up