1. BREAKING: Kanye West's Occupy Wall Street Protest Signs Revealed.


    Occupy Wall Street protesters got an unexpected visitor yesterday when rap superstar Kanye West made a brief surprise appearance at the demonstrations in lower Manhattan. Given the “Louis Vuitton Don’s” status as the petulant poster child of flossy good living, and his reputation for self-absorption, West’s presence would seem directly at odds with OWS – which has fervently denounced corporate greed and the drastic inequities of wealth in this country. But in an exclusive investigative report, egotripland has uncovered the protest signs West had planned to carry during yesterday’s Occupy Wall Street protests before mysteriously ending his visit and discarding them. Who knows why 'Ye ultimately said 'nay' to joining the fray. But in the slogans emblazoned on these signs Kanye's compassion for the working and poor people of the world may now finally be revealed!


  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Natyrdom


    • Sean

      No matter what Kanye does, people have to make it negative. The guy showed up and didn't even say anything so we have to create some negative press?

    • El Gato Volador

      Sean, do you have a sense of humor, or did you spit it out with Yeezy's spunk?

    • egotrip

      Sean, we don't consider it out of bounds to poke fun at a guy who's openly all about flossing yet shows up to a rally protesting the greatest disparity of wealth in this country since the Great Depression, and doesn't even try to explain why he's there. In the end, it's just satire. Smile, holmes!

    • Rome_dust

      Ha! Excellent.

    • http://blackadelicpop.blogspot.com Michael A. Gonzales

      love it...

    • klmns

      99% don't care about kanye;)

    • zezzoi1


      "and doesn't even try to explain why he's there."

      Why do you think he's there? To rub his riches in other peoples faces? He can't be a normal person and just come to check out what it's like? You're using kanye in a negative way for hits on your website. pathetic

    • pewpewpew

      zezzoi1, agreed.

      he's an easy target but a lot of this is petty bullshit. why does he need to explain why he is there to stand with protesters? perhaps he kept his mouth shut to expose just how arbitrarily people would inevitably take shots at him.

      also - i'm sorry why are we making fun of someone who comes from the 99% and got rich, for being rich?

    • A

      If he saw these I'm pretty sure he would laugh at them.

    • http://www.oaklandfaders.com Mere

      i like how he has half a fatigue jacket on in the 1st pic

    • http://twitter.com/OriginalBigJ Original Big J

      love it! Ego trip is a must...

    • Lame

      Geez, even when the man does something positive you people still try to spin it into something as negative and as self-serving as possible.

      Fuckin' losers.

    • Muthafuckin Right

      Russell Simmons has waaaaaay more money than Kanye and yet no one is stating the obvious.

    • AverageAmericanJoe

      99 percent of the wealth is by the 1 percent of americans
      99 percent of the people hold 1 percent of the wealth.

      Kanye West maybe net worth less than 300million isnt even what you call a percent of that 1 percent

      The 1 percent is what your call those Billionaires. Feel free to protest Kanye I feel your pain.

    • Black Shabbat

      zezzoi1 and pewpewpew, you fools sound way too butthurt. Quit dickriding ppl that don't give a fuck about you.

    • http://giftsforgoths.info/cat/totes_and_handbags_for_goths valentines gifts for goths

      Where are we going and what am I doing in this handbasket?

    • suzanne Mc Donald

      lol, yeah; good thing I traded the benz for a beetle; maybe if I drive it backwards i'll get even better gas milage. (JK) The economy is besides the point. right. Can I protest? it's all relative, I think.

    • Ex Masshole

      Reading some of the comments: Brilliant irony often falls blindly at the feet of the stupid.