1. This Kanye West Twitter Inspired Embroidery-Thingy Can Be All Yours.

    One of the joys of busting our collective asses at egotripland is stumbling upon some hot shit that must be copped immediately . This is not one of those times. Instead, these Kanye West embroidered tweets for sale on the appropriately twee shopping site Etsy are the gifts you probably never wanted. Or maybe you do…

    WRITES Amy Sheridan of Supervelma:
    Really, though, Kanye’s just saying what we’re all thinking – who amongst us hasn’t lamented the inability to procure a decent cherub-decorated rug or, at one time or another, needed to apologize to Taylor Swift? And for all of his grandiosity, he does have moments of introspection and self-awareness.

    I decided that Kanye tweets needed to be immortalized in thread.

    So there you have it. And if you gotta have it like Nola Darling, you can cop it HERE .

    [ Regretsy ]

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