1. Kanye 2001 Demo Tape Leaks (AUDIO).


    Something wonderful besides 4/20 and Record Store Day happened over the weekend. The Kanye To The site set the Internetz abuzz with the release of a rare collection of early Kanye West material that they dubbed The Prerequisite Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses .

    Says Nambo, the original poster who set off the frenzy: These songs are actually from a SUPER old mixtape that Kanye was giving out in 01. No Title, no cover, just a blank CD.

    THIS is the tape that Ye played for A&Rs before he got signed. Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

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    "The Prerequisite" Mixtape (2001) Tracklist: Cheap Oakleys

    1. Home (Windy)
    2. Jesus Walks (Original Version)
    3. Have It Your Way (Demo Version of Bring Me Down)
    4. Out Of Your Mind (Unmixed)
    5. Wow! (New Verse!) Knockoff Oakleys
    6. Need To Know (Orginal ORIGINAL "Gangsta" Version)
    7. Gotta Pose (Snippet, was going to be single I guess)
    8. Never Letting Go
    9. Hey Mama (High Quality Original)
    Fake Oakley Sunglasses 10. Know The Game (Unreleased)
    11. Family Business (2001 Unreleased)
    12. Dream Come True (All Falls Down Demo)
    13. DJ Boom Freestyle (Jigga That Nigga)
    14. DJ Boom Freestyle (I Met Oprah) Discount Oakley Sunglasses
    15. BONUS TRACK: Heartbeat (instrumental made around the time this tape came out)

    Download it HERE .

    ( NOTE: The MP3s are password-protected, but the AACs which are higher quality, are not.)

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    Replica Oakley Sunglasses (Props to Nambo for the upload, One Throne for the stream. Thanks to Fake Oakleys KTT .)

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