1. CONTEST: Win a Copy of K-Def's "Supa Heath" Limited Edition Flexi Disc.


    ATTN: VINYL ADDICTS! While everyone else urges you to buy stuff as the holidays approach, we are pleased to announce the chance for two lucky egotripland readers to each win a copy of K-Def's "Supa Heath" flexi disc 45 courtesy of our friends at Redefinition Records. This limited edition release is Def's super-def (and sample-free!) cover version of the Heath Brothers' "Smilin' Billy Suite" (best known as the sample source for for Nas' Illmatic classic, "One Love"). There were only 250 copies pressed, and it's now SOLD OUT. But read on for your chance to win one.


    K-DEF - Supa Heath - Flexi Disc Mix (SNIPPET) by Redefinition Records

    To win a copy of K-Def's "Supa Heath" flexi disc, simply TELL US WHY YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRIZE.

    Add your answer to the Comments Section of this post. (PLEASE remember to include a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS). Or hit us up on Twitter , or Facebook . Once we get two answers we like, we'll pick the winners.


    And remember, if you don't win, you can pre-order K-Def's Night Shift LP - on which features a different version of "Supa Heath" - HERE . Good luck!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • jason

      A. I'm a vinyl junkie, B. I'm a breaks junkie, C. That means I'm dead broke from shopping over at A-1 Records and I got to get my wax by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!! Feeling this!!!!

    • Skylar

      'cause it's the ultimate everlovin' chill shit, and easy as mo bee to pull out the frame and listen to. Dual wall art/audio bliss.

    • Flintskins

      K-Def's discography can't be fucked with, and this would look nice between my LOTUG and Real Live records. Most importantly, I need this flexi disc because it reminds me of the flexi disc of the Big Mac song McDonalds sent out in '88 as part of a contest I sure as shit did not win. For 23 years, I have been plagued by not winning THAT contest, and losing that - the only flexi disc I ever had - record along the way. This record represents redemption, and in many ways (in the odd world inside my head) would be a HUGE middle finger to the heartless McDonalds corporation, which is very appropriate to the climate created by that wild occupy movement, and also necessary because I found out how they make McRibs and it done ruined everything (y'all don't EVEN wanna know). A real difference can be made here, good folks of ego trip, and all for the low, low price and effort of sending me one of these beautiful flexi-discs. Let's make it right. Let's make a difference. Let's give me some shit to brag about. Oh, and the track is type ill. That's important too.

    • egotrip

      Flintskins - catapulting into the lead!

    • http://toiletries.wordpress.com toilet

      Hmm, why do I deserve this flexidisc? Well it's very nice for starters, and to bite flintskins it would look be good to go with my LOTUG and Real Live records but also it would be a very worthwhile addition to my hip hop flexidisc collection which currently consists of the Fab Five Freddy and Debbie Harry's Yuletime Throwdown and Biz Markie and the Beastie Boys' Benny and The Jets (I did have a LL flexi from Hip Hop Connection but I think that's been lost...) Anyways, I would really like the ill k-def shiz, cheers!

    • http://facebook.com/stickydojah S.D.

      I need this, cause I will never be able to get my hands on the original tape that K-Def gave Marley that had "Funky Child" on it and I need some more of that funky K-Def ish. Plus, K-Def's legacy and especially his new work will not be forgotten over here in Europe when you send me the copy. I bet he is still living in a House of Hitz, and I need one more hit for my house over here too. And this one sure as hell is one. Best Lamellophone track there is! And a perfectly executed cover!

    • sean

      i want it because vinyl is go(o)d.

    • DEF DINGO (aka The Mack)

      Im not trying to call anyone out but im tired of Shanna coming up to all the time telling me that one of you guys over at your office quarters talking shit and biting on my boy cousin Gavin. she's tellin me the other week he was over on tenth by the bodega waiting to meet with his girlfriend when he got into a confrontation with one of your "employees" over the correct route to get to statten. Shanna was sayin that her girlfriend knew that dude who was dating her friend who said he was some sort of blogger for some egotrip website. I don't know what kind of garbage you guys are trying to put in peoples heads but he keeps tellin me now that you got to go across the bridge on to 78 THEN go on to 278. what the hell is that crap? Im keep telling him and telling him dont listen to that who told you that junk. You guys have been makin my brother late to his girls place too many times now she's barkin him out and slinging him shit. I don't want drama going on between my family and friends, im done with it. Matter fact you guys owe my brother for doing this to him i think that record thing could be enough to make up for his gas money drivin far out the way that you guys told him to do.

    • Breaplus

      I need this because I've been buying only 2nd hand records of late so I need something new and fresh, even though it's cover of an old track that samples an old track...

      Plus this record will get extra love here surrounded by thousands of his compadres. Also, I will never ever sell my records, I will live past 90, and when I die, I'll make sure that my collection goes to another beat digger.

      So the K-Def record is safe with me basically....

    • Danny

      I need this because they no longer give out flexi-discs for free in magazines.