1. ANNOUNCEMENT: New K-Def Releases Including Back To The Beat Vol. 2 w/ 45 King (AUDIO).


    Get a taste of the material below...

    "Sample Fest" (Isolation-Experiment) from K-Def & 45 King's Back To The Beat Vol. 2 LP

    " BTTB2 is fully instrumental and features K and 45 trading ideas, putting their affinity for their craft on display."

    "Reminiscent Of The Golden Era” from The Unpredictable Gemini LP.

    " The Unpredictable Gemini showcases K's evolving style and genre pioneering tricks and techniques he continues to refine through the use of his unique production tools."

    K-Def ft. Blu "The Boys” from The Way It Was LP.

    " The Way It Was is a special collection of tracks gathered from K's 20 plus year career as a Hip Hop producer. The album contains notable instrumentals originally released in the 90's during his House of Hitz run, many curated from cassettes, DAT's, floppies and even vinyl B-sides to be reproduced/remastered for this collection."

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