1. ANNOUNCEMENT: New K-Def Releases Including Back To The Beat Vol. 2 w/ 45 King (AUDIO).

    Get a taste of the material below…

    “Sample Fest” (Isolation-Experiment) from K-Def & 45 King’s Back To The Beat Vol. 2 LP

    BTTB2 is fully instrumental and features K and 45 trading ideas, putting their affinity for their craft on display.”

    “Reminiscent Of The Golden Era” from The Unpredictable Gemini LP.

    The Unpredictable Gemini showcases K’s evolving style and genre pioneering tricks and techniques he continues to refine through the use of his unique production tools.”

    K-Def ft. Blu “The Boys” from The Way It Was LP.

    The Way It Was is a special collection of tracks gathered from K’s 20 plus year career as a Hip Hop producer. The album contains notable instrumentals originally released in the 90’s during his House of Hitz run, many curated from cassettes, DAT’s, floppies and even vinyl B-sides to be reproduced/remastered for this collection.”

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