1. Juvenile: Soldier of Fortune

    Wow, egotripland.com people. This story was a real trip.

    I remember rolling with Juvy in a huge-ass Hummer – and this is back when a Hummer meant you were a billionaire and a $100 a day gas bill wasn’t nothin’ but a hairy-ass chicken wing. Our first stop was a soul food buffet. The mother of his child was there with the baby. He told me to go help myself and I did – the fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits made my spine tingle.

    The amazing thing is, Juvy had a huge wad of cash. Imagine the Sunday edition of the New York Times, rolled the hell up. Dude could demo you with his cheddar if you took it to the head. That wad was like a head of iceberg lettuce, and he kept peeling and peeling and peeling away. In-between bites of mac ‘n cheese, he handed the mother of his child a crazy stack.

    From there, we hopped in the Hummer and drove to the ‘hood. Kids came up to the car and Juvy would roll his window down and hand them grisp hunnits. He wasn’t giving out turkeys, he was throwing MONEY at the situation!

    So we pull up across the street from the projects and roll into the corner store. Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Juvy was just lacing everybody with fresh bills; a bill from the emcee was like his version of “hello” – word to Lionel Richie. Juvy then proceeded to buy a fresh pack of white tees.

    I remember thinking that the projects of New Orleans made the projects of New York City look like Trump Towers. They also loved Reebok “tennis” shoes. While I was there I got put up on the late great Soulja Slim – a/k/a Magnolia (Projects) Slim. Yo, I love his music. He left this world too soon, but that is the way love and life goes down there. Cops were making like $16K a year, so overtime often came in the form of slangin’ that white paowwww-duh – cooked or raw.

    Juvy went home to freshen up after. He wanted me to see New Orleans at night. Later in the PM, we walked into the club like 40 deep and I’m not sayin’ who, but people had heaters on them. Eventually, a gaggle of white broads aggressively made it known that they wanted to roll and hang tuff with Juvy. No problem – the rich rapper copped a few hotel rooms up the block. Read the story to find out what happens next…

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