1. Just How Rich IS Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “Otis”? Pt. 2 (The Mo “Otis” Mo Problems Remix).

    Yesterday, “Otis”-mania was in full effect on the interwebz , as all virtual convos seemed to center around Jay-Z and Kanye West’s newest luxury rap track from Watch The Throne . As for us, we simply pondered the query “Just How Rich IS Jay-Z & Kanye West’s ‘Otis’?” And you (and we) responded on The Twitter with additional quips so rich with wit we felt they were worth compiling while anyone out there still cares (because, frankly, #Otis is about to be sooooo 36 hours ago).

    So, again: Just How Rich IS “Otis”?…


    #OtisIsSoRich listening to it will substantially improve your credit rating.

    #OtisIsSoRich it has plastic surgery for breakfast.

    #OtisIsSoRich on a hot day it doesn’t open a fire hydrant. It opens a reservoir.

    #OtisIsSoRich it wears climate controlled boxers. #SoNecessaryToday

    #OtisIsSoRich the mp3 just acquired a controlling share of the @NewYorkMets

    #OtisIsSoRich Warren Buffett mans its buffet table.

    #OtisIsSoRich it doesn’t return Bloomberg’s phone calls.

    #OtisIsSoRich it tells Trump, “Now go get yer FUCKIN’ SHINEBOX!”

    #OtisIsSoRich it brings all-new meaning to the term “jewel case.”

    #OtisIsSoRich if you have to ask how rich it is, you can’t afford it.

    #OtisIsSoRich it makes people who talk bad of it vanish without a trace.


    #OtisIsSoRich the file wouldn’t open for Oprah b/c it didn’t recognize her.


    #OtisIsSoRich IT interviews Oprah.


    #OtisIsSoRich the Republicans are fighting for tax breaks for Hov and Yeezy after hearing it.

    #OtisIsSoRich if you play it five times in the dark while looking into the mirror, your credit score will be fixed.


    #OtisIsSoRich we had to cancel the space shuttle program just to release the single.

    #OtisIsSoRich it’s at the combination Whole Foods and Sharper Image.


    Teddy uses #Otis as spare change. That’s how RICH I AM.


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