1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: Juicy J on Good Women vs. Bad Women.

    Juicy J calls it like he sees it. Whether slanging rhymes with the legendary Three 6 Mafia, dropping the jewel encrusted solo meteorology (e.g. “Been Gettin’ Money”: “I’m gettin’ money ballin’/But I never played sports/I’m so hot, in the winter/I can wear shorts”), or addressing matters of the heart. It was the latter that took Twitter stage yesterday, when Juicy J/ @TheRealJuicyJ made explicitly clear via a series of tweets, his views on the differences between good women and bad women (and where said bad women can take their bad women ways). Also included: thoughts on ratchet-ism and dialect.


    1. Its a blessing 2 have a good chik by yo side sum one you can trust

    2. It’s a lot of chiks in #mollywood dat chase after niggaz wit $$ & fame Pay yo own bills you broke ass bitch!

    3. You cant dress u smell like a musty gym & yo breath is killer & u want yo bills paid? Mc donalds is hiring

    4. All the lady’s that r true honest &down for they nigga I salute you , Anything you want you should have

    5. You stay in everybody’s studio session lookin for a way out yo boyfriend should wear 2 rubbas on you , you nasty ratchet maget

    6. She will do anything for fifteen hunid

    7. I see how you know a lot of celebrity’s you fuked them all

    8. Take a swim in a pool of lean

    9. Iam a cool real ass trippy nigga I love to help others in need but I can’t stand #ratchetizum

    10. I speak #niggarish @elenacogliatiii: I cant understand half of juicy j’s tweets. Haha

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