1. Juggaknots — Baby Pictures (c. 1989-1993) Snippets (AUDIO).


    Chopped Herring Records says: Herring is extremely proud to present this EP of unreleased, unleaked material from cult indie group Juggaknots. Cats will be aware of the Fondle E'm material as well as some of the S&B demo tracks, but with the kind assistance of Matic Ent. we have over the past 9 months been going back through the archives to find the very earliest recordings of this extremely popular NYC outfit. Some tracks were taken from reels, some from DAT and some from cassette to make this, the earliest anthology of the group's work. A more in depth analysis of the project and interview will follow shortly. ENJOY!!

    Track List:

    A1 Catch My Drift (Intro)
    A2 40 oz of Flavor
    A3 Grand Larceny
    A4 Next of Kin

    B1 Lap of Luxury
    B2 Ol Faithful
    B3 Boogernose Funk
    B4 Catch My Drift (Outro)

    All tracks produced by the Juggaknots.

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