1. Shiznit We Slept On: JoJo “Cookin'” Kincaid Live on San Diego’s Q-106 (1987).

    It’s Friday and if there’s one man who knows how to get ready for the weekend, it’s radioman JoJo Cookin’ seen here 25 years ago sizzlin’ up a hella huge dose of after work party vibes. Kincaid, who began his career doing pirate radio as a teenager (and got raided by the FCC, so goes the legend) has worked in nearly every top market in the United States, including Boston (our own Chairman Mao remembers JoJo cookin’ up a storm in his hometown way back). The microphone fiend is clearly in a zone in the above video, with his energy levels set to 11, as he effortlessly busts in at all the right moments in a set that mixes hits by Cameo and The Commodores with the Beatles and Cyndi Lauper. It’s all pretty bananas, but you’ll have a crackin’ good time seeing this white boy play that funky music. (Big ’em up shout outs to our newest contributor Matthew Africa as well as Sean Boogie of Sweater Funk for hipping us to the clip.)

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