1. Jeru The Damaja on the You Must Learn Show (AUDIO).

    In Episode 1 of the You Must Learn podcast, Jeru gives all kinds of insight into his debut, The Sun Rises In The East , and even recalls the time he saw Gerardo of “Rico Suave” infamy at D&D Studios . Whut?

    You Must Learn Says: What you’re about to hear is Jeru the Damaja taking us track by track through his DJ Premier-produced debut album, delving into an array of subjects and stories such as:

    — Waiting and watching for Nas to create Illmatic.

    — Spending formative years with the members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

    — The nature of Brooklyn pride.

    — His inspiration drawn from his family, friends, and predecessors.

    — And the story of how he got his pet hamster.

    “You Must Learn” was produced and edited by Peter Oasis , written by Dharmic X , and executive produced by Evan Auerbach (of @UpNorthTrips), with narration from Soul Khan . The intro was produced by DJ Flipout , and the artwork was designed by Kelly Green . Special thanks to Sarah Honda for the love.

    [Via UNT ]

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