1. 10 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons the New York Knicks Let Jeremy Lin Walk.

    Yes, Jeremy Lin fans – the once unthinkable has happened. The New York Knicks, in the franchise’s infinite wisdom – have elected not to match the Houston Rockets’ free agent offer sheet to the 23-year-old point guard. “Linsanity” in NY is officially over. And though many fans and sports media outlets have already declared this one of the worst personnel moves in the Knicks’ already notorious front office history, we believe that there are all kinds of perfectly acceptable reasons the team allowed Jeremy Lin to walk . Yeah… of course there are! In fact, we can just imagine them now…

    1. Knicks’ marketing department alarmed by projected shortfall of clever “Lin” puns by 3rd year of contract.

    2. Locker room tension feared insurmountable after Carmelo Anthony calls Lin’s bow tie game, “ridiculous.”

    3. Franchise claims it never could get a read on Linsanity-spiked Asian fan base. Too inscrutable.

    4. Complete and utter absence of tattoos caused teammate J.R. Smith to question Lin’s priorities.

    5. Lin’s offer sheet actually was matched and set to be delivered personally via car by… Jason Kidd?!? DOH!

    6. Opens door for team’s way catchier new promo campaign: “DWInsanity!”

    7. In this organization there’s only room for one undersized shot caller who makes the fans scream like hell and go completely apeshit. And his name is Isiah Thomas.

    8. Clearing cap space for future sexual harassment settlements.

    9. C’mon, Lin was destined to become a Rocket, yaoming?

    10. Nobody – repeat NOBODY – gets the New York Knicks to overpay. (Unless their names are: Allan Houston, Eddy Curry, Stephon Marbury, Glen Rice, Jalen Rose, Malik Rose, Maurice Taylor, Steve Francis, Tim Thomas, Jerome James, Amar’e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony etc.)

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