1. WATCH: Jeremy Lin's Game Winner vs. Toronto (Fan's Courtside Video).

    WATCH: Jeremy Lin’s Game Winner vs. Toronto (Fan’s Courtside Video).

    As we prepare to not watch tonight's Knicks-Kings game at Madison Square Garden on TV (thanks again, MSG and Time Warner - you guys are just awesome), here's the final sequence in last night's Knicks win vs. the Toronto Raptors as shot by a fan from across courtside . Yeah, you've seen it before. But likely not like this. No broadcast call, just the crowd's collective reaction and anticipation of yet another episode in the improbable ongoing real life NBA drama known as #Linsanity. Watch full-screen for best effect. (Also, note best youtube comment: "Jose Calderon disliked this video.") (Big up, @monkuno for the heads up.)

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