1. WATCH: Jay Smooth - "Phony" (A Song For Mitt Romney).

    WATCH: Jay Smooth – “Phony” (A Song For Mitt Romney).

    With Mitt Romney seemingly finally on his way to sewing up the presidential GOP nomination, Ill Doctrine's Jay Smooth takes a moment to walk in the shoes of the typical Republican voter - a person who's gotta be conflicted about having to back the not-so-secretly moderate Mittster. Here, in a parody of Jay-Z's "Glory," a bespectacled n' suit n' tie-ed Jay Smooth presents "Phony" - a pretty damn entertaining scrutinization of Mitt Romney's questionably conservative credentials . "You've never paid dues - you barely paid taxes," spits Smooth. Newt Gingrich, hold ya head. [ Ill Doctrine ]

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