1. Jay Shells Hits Up NYC Again With More “Rap Quotes” Street Signs (GALLERY)

    The artist added 21 more to up the ante to 68 in the Big Apple. ( He’s also hit L.A. ) Here are just a few examples courtesy of ANIMAL NY .

    Says Jay: “99% of people we encounter love it. Yesterday, however, an older fella in Harlem leaving church was deeply offended by the sign I put up on 110 & Lenox. It shows you how important context is with this project. The lyric was by Sadat X of Brand Nubian, arguably, one of the most Afrocentric groups ever. It said, ‘I’m on 110 & Lenox with these Africans, overseein’ our physical being, and how we doing it.’ We watched from across the street as he removed the sign and threw it in the trash… You can’t please ’em all.”

    [For more, please visit ANIMAL ]

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