1. Jay Electronica — “#TBE: The Curse Of Mayweather” (AUDIO).

    “This is blasphemy, James, this is blasphemy / I gave that little cockroach life and he blasted me/ Niggas made all those memes and they laughed at me/ It’s World War III motherfucker, the catastrophe/ Watch the throne, my nigga, watch the throne/ How you gone compare the King to a gnome? / How you gone compare Jango Fett to the drones? / The game can celebrate today ’cause daddy’s home/ (He’s got 11 Grammy nominations, y’all not equal)/ Man, fuck these white people / My grandmother died at 82 scrubbing floors/ And niggas still running around begging for awards/ Is he Jedi or is he Sith? / Is he Neo in The Matrix or Mr. Smith? / I might be on Periscope getting pissed / Talking reckless, contemplating all out war with Fif…”

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