1. Will the Real Jay Dee Logo Please Stand Up?

    (Photo: James & Karla Murray from the book, Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York )

    With the calendar hitting Dilla Day this week you’ve no doubt begun seeing (both in real life and on the Interwebz) many tributes to the music and life of James Yancey. In fact, the homages are so prevalent right now ( including our own ) it feels like everywhere you look, places and things you’d never imagined are bigging up Jay Dee . Well, there will be only one Jay Dee. But apparently there are many “Jay Dee” logos out there. Here are a few of our favorites. (NOTE: These are all legit – no Photoshop trickery.)


    ABOVE: Jay Dee Bakery – where it’s always time to make the Donuts . (And you know them cakes is high.)

    Jay Dee Real Estate.

    Rent or own in Slum Village.

    Jay Dee's Deli.

    We hear the heroes are Fantastic . (Not to be confused with Dilla’s Deli .)

    Jay Dee Groundcare.

    For a lawn that’ll make ’em NV.

    Jay Dee Auto Cables.

    When reckless driving requires repairs.

    Jay Dee Baby.

    Are we sure that’s a rattle and not a mic?

    Jay Dee Accounting.

    Let the dollar circulate (to tax shelters).

    Jay Dee Beddings.

    You’ve never felt quilt like this.

    Jay Dee Event Management.

    Get wild, wild, wild!

    Jay Dee Aquatics.

    Fuck the Water Police.

    Jay Dee Cleaning & Restoration..

    Can’t keep runnin’ away – from home repairs.

    Jay Dee Truck.

    I don’t know why the truck I’m truckin’ with you.

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