1. AUDIO: James Pants Mix (Free Download).


    Electric eccentric Mr. James Pants returns with a mix sparingly entitled, "James Pants Mix" - though a song from the playlist (by Brian Brain) may provide a more apt description for the sonic wonders that await: "Unexpected Noises." Because when JP brings the noise, it's mos def time to get your Pants on, people...

    Get it,

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    1. Sam Sklair - Nippon Cogs
    2. Logic System - Intro (James Pants remix)
    3. Virna Lindt - Intelligence
    4. Brian Brain - Unexpected Noises
    5. Cheika Rimitti - Track 08
    6. James Pants - Ritual Magick
    7. Der Plan - Rot Grün Rot
    8. Gary Wilson - She Forgot To Lock Her Door
    9. Wha Ha Ha - Rice and Soy
    10. Game Ain't Based On Sympathy - Sympathetic
    11. Double Fantasy - Children Of The Universe
    12. Cecil Leuter - Electrosonics
    13. Foot Village - Japan
    14. Maroon - Fresher Than This
    15. James Pants And Vex Ruffin - Track 01
    16. Bruce Haack - Jelly Dancers (James Pants remix)
    17. Pierre Henry - Rock Electronic

    [via Stones Throw ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Charles Darwin

      Anyone know what the song is that plays before Pierre Henry? kinda sounds like main attrackionz but googling the chorus is fruitless unless I want to join a ferrari appreciation forum, which I don't.

    • jahjahboi

      was looking for that same comment, I think it is "14. Maroon – Fresher Than This" I keep repeating that part at least. That song or artist does not seem to be up anywhere else on the internet :x