1. AUDIO: James Pane — “Are You Ready (Matthew Africa Edit).”

    Our amigo Matthew Africa takes a break from the Stay Hatin’ podcasts and steady DJing to share with everyone his twist on one of his most favorite tunes in his crates. Damn, does it sound good.

    Says Mr. Africa: I’m obsessed with this song.

    It has a hard sound to characterize. It’s funky and soulful obviously but there’s also a strangely psychedelic feel to it and maybe something spiritual in it, too. It’s like some sort of weird amalgam of “Right Off”‘s galloping bass, with the spacy dislocation “I Just Want to See His Face” and the building to nowhere vibe of “Robot Strut”/”Do It Like You Feel It”.

    (egotripland encourages you to head over to Matthew Africa’s blog for more on not only this dope song, but other audible treats.)

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