1. Jakk Frost — “Spoiler Alert” (“Form Of Intellect” Freestyle) (AUDIO).

    DJ Premier says: Philly’s Beardgang General Jakk Frost spit a raw freestyle over the “Form Of Intellect” instrumental from Gang Starr’s classic LP, Step In The Arena . I pressed about 150 copies of the instrumentals on vinyl and they have leaked to the streets so Frost got a hold of it with the pops and cracks… Frost rips this beat wIth lyrics and flows that make you wanna hit repeat over and over to catch it all. Gotta rock it don’t stop… REST IN PEACE GURU…GANG STARR FOREVER…

    NOTE: Game of Thrones TV viewers, the “Spoiler Alert” is a reference to Jon Snow’s fate.

    [Via cratesofjr.blogspot.com ]

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