1. UPCOMING: Jackpot!
    Special All Night
    Loft Edition feat.
    DJ Still Life, Ol’ Stark, Edan, J-Zone,
    Chairman Mao
    & $mall ¢hange
    (Saturday, 3.1.14, BK).

    NYC People: this Saturday sees an all-night loft edition of our pal $mall ¢hange ‘s Jackpot! soiree hitting a loft space in Gowanus, BK, featuring a tremendous DJ line-up that includes the likes of Edan , J-Zone and our own Chairman Mao . If you likes your vinyl treats funky, raw n’ mind expanding, you must attend. More info below. See ya there!

    From the desk of $mall ¢hizzy:

    Jackpot is a monthly party I’ve done with Still Life for over 3 years at the Commodore in Brooklyn. We focus on heavy funk, northern soul, 50s RnB, garage and psyche rock, salsa, cumbia, afrobeat, early disco, modern, whatever we feel really. Mostly groovy and/or raw tracks that came out on a 7″ format between the 50s and the 70s. Vintage sounds for a modern age. Snap crackle and pop over overproduced bullshit. In a nutshell…real schitt.

    dress ideas (come as you are, we’re just suggestin’): vintage threads for vintage tunes. 60Ts Mod, Blow Up, Quadrophenia, Mad Men, 70s disco shirts ala Nik Nik, bowling league circa ’67, Kauai circa ’69, shriner meeting in Idaho circa ’73, bell bottoms, hip huggers, leisure suits, fedoras, fezzes, kangols, track suits…if you know me then you know.

    WHAT: Jackpot! Special All Night Loft Edition w/ DJ Still Life, Ol’ Stark, Chairman Mao, Edan (the DJ), J-Zone & $mall ¢hange
    WHERE: Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, Brooklyn
    WHEN: Saturday, March 1st, 2014, 10pm till
    HOW: $10 all night, RSVP for address: jackpottheparty@gmail.com

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