1. J-Zone: Tim Dog Appreciation / Root for the Villain Promo Video

    Breaks from 2000+ word dissertations and chapter leaks from my upcoming book, Root for the Villain: Rap, Bullshit, and a Celebration of Failure are in order. That means instead of writing another piece about my favorite rap LP of all time (Tim Dog’s Penicillin on Wax ) as it nears its 20th anniversary on November 12 or providing a lengthy press release for my book, I’ll tell the camera. The video is a little long, so if you’re only interested in the Tim Dog part, stop watching at the 7:17 mark. If you’re only interested in the book part, start watching at 7:17. In retrospect, I said, “It was hard, but it was funny” too much but…shit, the Tim Dog album is hard, but funny.

    Root for the Villain is now available directly through me at www.govillaingo.com with optional (and extremely limited) cassette tape-only audio book. A link to order the book on Amazon.com will be posted very, very shortly. Official release date is 11/15/11. E-book available mid-November.

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