1. Listen to Music From J-Zone's New Album, Peter Pan Syndrome (AUDIO).


    J-Zone back. J-Zone back. Okay, granted around here J-Zone never really left. But this time - for real, though: J-ZONE BACK. As in the forthcoming Peter Pan Syndrome - the pride of Cambria Heights' first full-length since becoming a renowned author. Peep the new single, "Gadget Ho," a reference to the phenomenon detailed here , as well as a handful of other joints from the LP, which drops in early September. Pre-order it at Zone's Bandcamp . Listen below. Oh, and by the way, J-ZONE BACK.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Tim Crane

      Man, J-Zone you are a huge inspiration. Keep on making this dope music for the love of making dope music. Keep on talking or writing about it too. Peace

    • Mike G

      I second what Tim sez! This stuff sounds great!