1. J-Zone Makes a Beat (VIDEO).


    J-Zone reveals some of his studio secrets in this highly entertaining profile in which he throws some Kool & The Gang, vintage Korean vinyl, some bomb Moog synth basslines, and crazy random VHS sourced sound bytes in a pot and mixes 'em up like gumbo to come up with a beat that's sure to blow your mind.

    But that's not all as Zone shares early memoriess of using a "cheesy" Casio keyboard sampler, his "sacrilegious" producer moves, and how college helped expand his sound. He also describes what motivates him to create his signature production: "Get the weirdest, most un-sample-able record I can find, like something that nobody is gonna use, and challenge myself to try to make a beat out of it. Sometimes on the flip side of the coin, I'll get a very well known record that everybody's used and say, 'Well, how can I sample this different? How can I possibly put a spin on this and make it fresh?'" This is how. Watch.

    "If it don't rattle the trunk, the shit is junk"

    [Via The Bee Shine ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://twitter.com/starchildluke Luke Starwalker

      Dope video!

    • Karim


    • http://www.facebook.com/sjerrick Steve Jerrick

      Inspiration. You are the man J! Just got a copy of the book.

    • BlackestNight63

      J-Zone is ill. My favorite beat from him is G.O.D. on the Water World album.