1. Watch J-Zone Make a Beat Out of Three Randomly Chosen Records (VIDEO).


    Our man J-Zone hits Breakdown Records in Bayside, Queens, NY to pick three records sight unseen and make a track out of some Spanish-flavored guitar, vocal snippets and live drums.

    [Via Mass Appeal ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • HughPhug

      awesome, love J-Zone man, dudes got the same record covers on the wall as i got going up my stairs! love this series

    • Chrome Bills Podcast

      love this series.

    • templeruins

      About to watch, hoping it's not another dud in this series where the producer doesn't actually make a beat with the records, just lays over his own lame drums...

    • templeruins

      ..well this was at least more respectable than the El P and Marco Polo ones. J had so much nice sample possibilities there though you think these guys could get more creative than just layering drums over the top.

    • Will G


    • dookie

      Why anyone wouod go to breakdown records is beyond me. Weakest store in ny. Basically a front for weed sales..