1. J-Zone on Using Outdated, Obsolete & Broken Equipment to Make Music (VIDEO).


    J-Zone is the kinda dude that would rather hand write hundreds of addresses on mailing labels to fulfill mail orders on his new album than be forced to buy a printer he never wanted in the first place. The same philosophy applies to how he gets it done in the studio - using old equipment and making do with what he's got. In a new video, "Limitations and Mistakes," Zone shows you exactly how he worked around his obsolete hardware to make his latest effort, Peter Pan Syndrome .

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://fryinginvein.com/ Hubert Sawyers III

      J-Zone is my hero.

    • oskamadison

      This is inspirational. I have a (donated) 2000xl with 7 working pads and a screen that looks like a sheet of looseleaf, a (donated) Gemini DJ mixer, a Numark pt-01 and a Yamaha PSR-270 keyboard that I run through the Gemini and sample from (MIDI??? Ain't nobody got time for that...) and if need be, I borrow my son's CD player if I have to sample from a CD. I also have an (also donated) Akai 8 track rackmount mixer. that I haven't even used yet. I've made some fairly decent joints with that seein' your set up, it makes me want to go harder. All I need is a G4 or something and pro tools to track out and record my beats 'cause the only way to hear them is stright off the disks. I'll be lookin' for that album, Zone. Good stuff...

    • Flashius

      J-Zone's drums are shitting on everything right now. I knew he was playing drums, but I didn't know that he was making Questlove sound like Lars Ullrich. Hip hop and music need this guy. I'm sincerely glad to see him come back 1000 times harder than we've ever heard him.

      And now I'm gonna go practice playing bass cos ya mans got me sorta shook.

    • TdotM

      "Perfection is no fun..." J-Zone for President! Please release PPS on vinyl!

    • JB413spfld

      damn those drums go hard