1. Listen to a Previously Unreleased J-Zone Demo from 1993 (AUDIO).


    It takes a big man ( ayo! ) to let the public in on his unrefined, unreleased artistic works. So kudos to J-Zone for sharing this '93 demo called "Russian Roulette" - a glimpse into Zone's early forays into taking out wack emcees (in particular, those trying to sound like Das EFX) on some lyrically domewreckin' G Rap ish. For real, you've never heard Zone rap this "serious" probably ever before. Listen and peep the back story straight from Mr. Peter Pan Syndrome himself, below.


    I probably should've left these in the Etonic box I found 'em in, but people love ancient (and obscure) history. One of 12 demos I recorded in my junior year of high school. All original beats I made on the SP-1200 and raps about how much other rappers were trash. I was 16 at the time. This one and 4 others were given away for free with my new CD Peter Pan Syndrome as a bonus disc, but it's now sold out. So if you ordered it, here's a taste of what it's like. If you didn't, just stream, laugh and enjoy.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Steve Jerrick

      roll thru my hood bumping zone-demos baby, think I give a fuck, it's better than the shit I heard lately.

    • Mesha

      The beat is tight!!!!

    • Mike G

      Zone's voice is exactly the same! Beat is hot! Dope!


      This is a hoax j-zone recorded this shit last week