1. J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla: Gators-N-Furs Safe Sex Mixshow

    Writer’s block has inspired me to put in some time in the studio instead. What better a musical endeavor than a Gators-N-Furs mix show with my sidekick, Chief Chinchilla? For those who actually remember and enjoyed these themed mix shows (which dropped monthly in 2007-08): Here’s the random G&F reunion that happens every now and then.

    This show’s theme: Safe sex. After all, why spend hours at the gym preparing for summer when you’re walking around with a sexually-transmitted gamma ray? Just a thought. From STDs to unwanted pregnancies, this show is the soundtrack to the irresponsible, painful, and scary (albeit hilarious at times) adventures of glove-less love. Strap up, y’all.

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