1. J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla: Gators-N-Furs Safe Sex Mixshow


    Writer's block has inspired me to put in some time in the studio instead. What better a musical endeavor than a Gators-N-Furs mix show with my sidekick, Chief Chinchilla? For those who actually remember and enjoyed these themed mix shows (which dropped monthly in 2007-08): Here's the random G&F reunion that happens every now and then.

    This show's theme: Safe sex. After all, why spend hours at the gym preparing for summer when you're walking around with a sexually-transmitted gamma ray? Just a thought. From STDs to unwanted pregnancies, this show is the soundtrack to the irresponsible, painful, and scary (albeit hilarious at times) adventures of glove-less love. Strap up, y'all.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://www.zombo.com RW

      The Chief is in rare form this time! He's gotta go raw daddy on those broads!

    • SR

      Damn, nice mix! That Pubic Enemy blend was crazy.

      Also, I realize Pete Rock's part on "The Yearn" was the only one that fit the theme, but Freaky Tah's verse might be the best hypeman rap of all time. One of the only times he was on the mic, and he killed it!

    • http://govillaingo.com J-Zone

      Haha, yeah. Same with the Souls of Mischief joint. They were both from songs that didn't fit the theme over all. Freaky Tah, RIP!