1. Watch J-Zone DJ an All-45s Set For Beatminerz Radio (VIDEO).


    Hey, it's video of J-Zone rockin' his hour-long all-45s vinyl set for Beatminerz Radio. Beat ballads, doubled up breaks and mo' ish funkier than Baby Huey eating spam n' Oreos and drinking Thunderbird. Peep...

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • melovibes

      Mad props. This is ill.

    • Spe Matt Spewak

      Ill beats! Breakin' my soul. So much fun to watch live, thanks for sharing!

    • Winston

      40 secs in starts the jam of the sample to Black Moon's War Zone track= Throw Your Hands in The Air. Love it when Egotrip does this!! Thank yOu! Evil DEEE iZ on the miX -comeOn kickIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, in this case it's J-Zone, but you get my drift ;) J-Zone is in a zone on this one!