1. J Dilla – “The Doe” (Prod. by Supa Dave West) (AUDIO).

    Rappcats says: In 2001, J Dilla set out to record an album with his favorite hip-hop producers, one of these being Supa Dave West . Over a decade later, still in the long process of getting this full project released, we finally get to hear Dilla & West’s collaboration, mixed, mastered, and released on vinyl in the form of J Dilla’s Give ‘Em What They Want EP.

    The EP contains three vocal tracks and two instrumentals. Of the three vocal tracks, “The Doe” and “No One’s Home” were produced by West and recorded December 2001, and the title track “Give ‘Em” is J Dilla’s own completely reworked version dating September 2002.

    Rappcats: And then you worked together in person. Tell me about that.

    Supa Dave West: Yeah, I would come though Detroit every year around Christmas, heading to Canada to make a huge beat tape for first quarter after the holidays. He picked me up where I was staying in Detroit in 2001… He eventually demo’d 4 joints but while I was there I dumped two beats and those ended up being “The Doe” and “No One’s Home”

    Rappcats: “The Doe” was made before Jay’s version, “Give ‘Em What They Want”?

    Supa Dave West: Yes. The “aahh” vocals on “Give em” was originally from “The Doe.”

    [Via Rappcats ]

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