1. How J Dilla's Lost Record Collection and Music Were Reunited With Ma Dukes (AUDIO).


    "The Snap Judgement" radio show presents "The Reunion" - the story of how J Dilla 's posthumously lost record collection, personal effects and unreleased music made their way back home where they belong. In interviewing Jeff Bubeck of Detroit's UHF Records and Dilla's mom, Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey, producer Pat Mesiti-Miller illuminates the fact that this much discussed and debated story was actually never really about some records, but the bond between parent and child.

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    • Jessica Estrada

      Jeff Bubeck restored my faith in humanity by doing the right thing and giving Dilla's mom the tubs of tapes!

    • djtiger

      Exactly!!! Wonderful human being

    • djtiger

      in this world of craziness, selfishness and evil, there are still good people in this world...# Respect