1. LINK: A Look Back at J Dilla’s “F*ck the Police.”

    Cuepoint story by Mike “DJ” Pizzo: In 2003, Dilla revealed his motivations behind writing “Fuck the Police.” “That’s a song I been wanting to do for a long-ass time. I need to do a Part 2 actually. It’s getting so crazy in Detroit now with the police, man. I just felt like I wanted to speak on it. People knew it from N.W.A, but I just wanted to touch it on a more underground level so the people that I fuck with can relate too and people know that it’s still going on,” said the late producer. “It’s real, yeah! It’s like you can go through life and act like it’s not but I deal with it everyday, for real, just riding in a nice car they’ll fuck with you. Just being a black person in Detroit, it’s so stupid.”

    “[D12 rapper] Proof was at the house one evening when James had another run-in with them. He had only gone to the gas station which was three doors away. I told him not to get upset because he was hurt to tears,” says Dilla’s mother. “He was so angry and just tired of being harassed, so I told him, ‘Look, this is what you do — you go downstairs and make a song about it, and you laugh in their face.’ And that’s when he came up with the ‘F the Police’ thing. And people are still singing it today! Every time I go somewhere, that’s one of the songs they play.”

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