1. Wealthy Teen Trolls Instagram Worse Than Any Rapper (GALLERY).


    To get an idea of what it’s like to be a 17-year-old, “San Francisco Livin’” offspring from a wealthy family who loves trollin’ on the Internetz to death and listens to way too much rap, look no further than the stuntin’-on-a-zillion Instagram of @itslavishbitch. “Lavish,” or Param as he is properly known, seems like any other teenager — bored out of his mind. Except, with seemingly endless money to burn, and with social media at his platinum-plated fingertips, the kid’s job appears to be to somewhere between a cyberspace asshead and a philanthropist, as he spends his time photographing his limitless luxuries, insulting the less fortunate 99% and/or celebrities (“My life is like Louis Vuitton, everyone wants it. You made ur bed so sleep in it peasants” are just a few of his mottos), and purportedly gives away tens of thousands of dollars to followers. He’s like every pompous, simply ludicrous rap lyric dedicated to boasting about riches come to life. Is he a product of our shallow, consumer society or just a young punk with too much time and money on his hands?


    (h/t King Meat)

    Flying away bandz #fuckdonations – @itslavishbitch

    Cleared out Apples iPhone 5 Stock cause I felt like it and I got a new iMac broke bitch – @itslavishbitch

    Bought the iPad today just to break it hoe – @itslavishbitch

    Credit for Daniel for sending me this. 1 week after i uploaded this two jeans picture hoe ass @badgalriri commented on it and luckily my friend got a snapshot of it. So she did notice it. And she dissed my style. But now is using it as her style. Hypocritical bitch. I cant find the comment now since Instagram shows only 150 of the most recent comments. Its been 5 weeks since i uploaded that pic so she fsho copied me. Broke bitch ur net worth only 80m. – @itslavishbitch

    That bitch takin my style and claimin it as hers. @badgalriri bitch u a thief. – @itslavishbitch

    Only take shits in sparkling water hoe – @itslavishbitch

    More bank in my starbucks card than in ur bank account – @itslavishbitch

    My mansion is better than yours hoe – @itslavishbitch

    For the broke niggas – @itslavishbitch

    These Gold plated staples broke bitch. $175. – @itslavishbitch

    Black & Gold credit cards. I’m the 1% Bitch – @itslavishbitch

    Lavish is giving away 60K all in cash. That’s more than yo life’s earnings. Rules: Like this picture, follow me, and comment what you would do with the money and then tag a friend in the contest. Giveaway ends April 23, 2013. Winner will be chosen completely at random. Winner will be given cash personally . I can send money to you in another way upon request. If you live in Africa, Asia, or Antarctica you are not applicable for this. On March 25, 2012 go to YouTube.com/itslavishbitch for more info. So begin begging peasants. – @itslavishbitch

    Just my casual shoes tho – @itslavishbitch

    We didn’t want to blow to much on food tonight #economical – @itslavishbitch

    Solid Gold Rolls Royce grill hoe. #repost cause i look hella sexy – @itslavishbitch

    Bitch please there’s more in the other pocket. All 64gb hoe – @itslavishbitch

    Soon truu to my religion hoe disrespect that then imma make this bitch clap #semcity – @itslavishbitch

    Love Livin Lavi$h – @itslavishbitch

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • FuckParam

      This fool needs to get robbed and shot dead now.

    • kneelbeforetigers

      I’m so excited for when his parents discover that he’s an idiot. And for the moment that one of the “broke niggas” catch him out in the streets, alone.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=83600275 Sunny Smith

      Anyone who so effectively burns Kim Kardashian & Kanye West is a friend of mine. But yeah somebody needs to punch him many times in the face.

    • ChelsieSutherland

      I kind of would really love to see what would happen if he had to live for even a month without access to: his bank account, financial assets, and credit cards.

    • BallaBlocka

      Thats 1st gen ipad.. Not so ballin

    • Kamaria Salau

      This is both the best and worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life! I’m so conflicted! Ugh!

    • Shuttlesworth

      All that cash and he can’t even bribe a woman into posing with him.

    • DrZ

      The man is a hero. Trollin at the very highest level

    • baddest biitch

      this boy doesnt love himself.

    • bboycult

      Right..so y’all ready to burn this mothafucka down and do something different yet!?…no…..Rock rock on Lavish; do it til we all dead sun!
      He should not be robbed, shot, punched or any of the other shit suggested on these boards….that kid is the real world Bruce Wayne and Lavish is Batman! God of the game…Everything lame niggas lust: Check! Egotripland post: Check!
      Only thing left to do now is claim Andy Kaufman/Jaquin Phoenix meta on you bitches and he’ll be lecturing the Ivy League circuit well into his middle age.
      Matter of fact @itslavishbitch ; 80K…and I’ll show you how to do that sun!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1310163713 Johnny Trotman

      This guy is hilarious. I support the douche wave movement.

    • 1Percenter

      His mother is Shikha Sharma, CEO of Axis Bank. Her e-mail is shikha.sharma@axisbank.com. I’m quite sure she’d get a kick out of this article and her sons instagram, and by kick I do mean kicking him out of his trust fund.

    • http://twitter.com/KrusherKronkite 7evenZarkSeven

      He’s actually making a mockery out of a million and one rappers that will never gain true wealth. bravo troll nerdy guy lol!

    • http://www.facebook.com/anacampos Ana Campos

      It’s a hoax, devoid of any hidden greater purpose. There is a PR firm or a wannabe comedian/actor behind this and that’s me being generous. They should have done better research. His mother is not Shikha Sharma of Axis bank. She lives in India, not San Francisco and was quoted in a 2010 Forbes article as having only two children both in college. If this is true Pamar would have been 14 in college and judging by his limited intelligence and grammar, that would be impossible.

      In 2010, “Her husband, Sanjaya Sharma, is managing director at Tata Interactive Systems. Their two children are both in college.”


    • itslavishbitch

      thanks for the support, G.

      i’m sendin a 120 grand balloon bundle your way.

      be on the look-out for it.


    • bboycult

      Haha…don’t get it twist; “You’re not the Batman we WANT; you’re the Batman THEY deserve!” — (c) Gotham/Gordon

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000355712596 Lori Luster

      Ya’ll leave this kid be. I love it! Hahahaha Ya’ll just hating on this kid. He is a Boss. I adore every obnoxious photo and blurb.

    • Fuckdeskidz

      BAHAHAHA this is halarious and if i ever see that fucken indian fuck around my city ill fucken punch the cocky fuck out and take all his 100 dollar bills that are actually his parents along with the Rolls royce and kid you dont make anything near ever a 1000$ a year i garentee your rents are rich as fuck and your just 40 year old virgining their house your whole life you indian fuck,


      I think that people just jealous of him because comon….if you had it youd flaunt it! lhh also hell u cnt say hes selfish he gives away money

    • kati

      The ultimate kick is that this kid isn’t even rich.

    • http://twitter.com/hettie hettie

      he’s not insulting me.

    • GATORpride

      You know what else is hilarious? You’re hating on some kid while hinting at the same time that you are from Pakistan since no other sub indian race of people hate Indian’s more than Pakistanis. No one like’s Pakistan homie.

    • justadude

      this kid better be careful…

      The lunch is over and Sharma settles for a quick cup of tea. There is, however, a fallout of being a CEO: She can’t visit her son who is studying computer science in the US, often enough. However, her husband visits him once every semester. “In any case, my son says having two parents over at the same time is too much to handle,” she chuckles.

    • justadude

      his parent might be clueless because they are in India and dude is here in the states studying computer science. He probably has zero friends on campus because he is a douche bag. He flaunts/giveaway money for attention while insulting others. So sad, but I hope I win that 60K in a couple weeks! lol

    • justadude


    • kanyeUzumaki

      so does he print money? where do these things come from? tell me please. because he has me fooled

    • TrollsGonnaTroll

      Anyone who effectively burns clowns like Kim Kardashian and Soulja Boy….fucking hilarious. This kid is funny as hell honestly!! Let him do his thing, I just hope he hired security.

    • Tia

      you all people,leave this guy alone! Let he does what he wants as long as he doesn’t harm you… you just live your life and don’t judge him a lot, you people don’t know nothing about his real life, so just leave him alone…

    • http://profiles.google.com/becky.fitzgerald81 Becky Fitzgerald

      Well then do educate us all honey, as it seems you feel you have some connection to this sad little simple bastard. Perhaps you are the one… the Douche Whisperer!

    • http://profiles.google.com/becky.fitzgerald81 Becky Fitzgerald

      Do yourself a favor Shit-Stains, buy yourself an eyebrow wax. You may not be aware of this but they call that caterpillar above your eyes eyebrows (plural) for a reason — there are supposed to be 2 of them. Run along now before they have to bring out the weed whacker instead of the wax.

    • truth will always prevail

      Param goes to my high school in the east bay he does not live in sf he lives in an apt building on Pierce st and i know for a fact that his parents are not in india because ive met them both on back to school nite and they currently live with him -_-

    • Scott Basmadjian

      My youtube series documenting the luxury http://youtu.be/tEVViwW5LGE

    • Anthony

      His mom actually knows a lot of people Facebook her about his activities but she just put her fb on private n he keeps doing the same look her up her name is anu niels sharma

    • Lol

      It’s fake if you read to page 2 it says her son is 21 and attends Carnegie Mellon which is in Pittsburg PA so… Don’t know why he would be living in San fran

    • JOHN

      compensating for how nasty he looks.

    • Lol

      I just wanna rob him, so fucking bad. I could use a new cellphone/house/longboard/car/everything

    • omerma83

      mothers net worth is only 26 million lol hes not filthy rich.. i keep seeing ppl say 55 billion lol not even close

    • Nitro Mensina

      yeah but any of the family member can have knowledge of the news and shared it with other family members that will lead to hes mother.



    • dddd

      buy fake money off ebay

    • Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow

      Dudes parents have money regardless who his parents are.
      I do remember a photo where he said “They know me by name at the bank thats why you introduce yourself everytime..” But the photo of the receipt said ” Thank you, Jonna”

    • YEEZUS

      you a MAD HATER broke boy

    • 4xtra

      douche wave?

    • milos

      Hi all I need help from all of you sick a lot. I need some money to cure. I’ll give you the number of my bank account if there are people of good will who want to help me, let him pay this bill by $ 5 205900101876068070 thank all the people who will help me. Milos please help me.

    • milos

      Lavish when helping anyone help me please and thank Milos

    • brownzinho

      it’s fake. it’s all fake money too. dudes who go to high school have responded to this story on many websites already. it’s really funny and i def support this kind of trolling.

    • brownzinho

      i meant to say “dudes who go to high school with him”

    • Left Tricep

      just wait until your welfare check comes in the mail. Then you can get a new cellphone

    • http://twitter.com/Aleperdido Alexandre Nogueira Zovico

      Imagine the next incarnation of this poor soul…
      The classic rich illiterate!

    • Proud Indian

      way to go Lavish. I am tired of these Americans giving us shit for being Indian and promoting mindless consumerism, there we did it better than you and you guys made this shit.

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