1. Every Rap Album Cover Is Irish... On St. Patrick's Day.


    As the saying goes, "Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day." And rap albums are no exception. Sure, there's ye olde standby, House of Pain. But with the big green day just around the corner (this Saturday, March 17th, to be specific), we here at ego trip have taken a cue from that great traditional Irish eatery, McDonald’s - and its annual celebratory Shamrock Shake - and re-imagined special St. Patty’s Day album editions of some of hip-hop's finest works – past and present. Hold onto your shillelaghs and feast your eyes. Rap – a Gaelic ol’ time for all!



    1. Run-DMC - King of Shamrock

    2. EPMD - Strictly Guinness

    3. 50 Cent - Kiss Me I'm Irish or Die Tryin'

    4. Lil Wayne - Tha Cardinal

    5. Jay-Z - The Green Album

    6. Eric B. & Rakim - Plaid In Full

    7. Tyler The Creator - Dublin

    8. U2Pac - All Irish Eyez On Me

    9. Kanye West - 808's & Pink Hearts...

    10. Rick Ross - Leprechaun Don

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://twitter.com/rekstizzy rek

      They're all equally funny. Holy shit.

    • http://spliffington.tumblr.com Spliffington

      I like how Irish Rick Ross = Australian Aboriginal Action Bronson

    • egotrip

      Never would have thought to notice before, but the Celtics jersey really brings out the Mark Wahlberg in Fif's expression on 'Kiss Me I'm Irish or Die Tryin'".

    • http://djmatthewafrica.com Matthew Africa

      Those are amazing.

      Lil' Flip was just too far ahead of his time with that Leprechaun album he did.

    • http://RapReviews.com Woody Black

      Classic singles from each album:

      1. Run-D.M.C. - King of Shamrock
      "King of Shamrock"
      "You Drink Too Much"
      "Roots, Folk, Celtic"

      2. EPMD – Strictly Guinness
      "Strictly Guinness"
      "You Gots to Chill (...Or Else I'll Belt You in the Gob, You Manky Plonker!)"
      "I'm Gaffin'"

      50 Cent – Kiss Me I’m Irish or Die Tryin’:
      "In Da Pub"
      "21 Millings"

      Lil Wayne – Tha Cardinal
      "Irish Man"
      "6 Beer, 7 Beer"
      "Go Fiddler"
      "Fanny Monster"

      Eric B. & Rakim – Plaid In Full
      "Plaid In Full"
      "I Ain't No Craic"
      "Move the Jammers"

      Tyler The Creator – Dublin
      "Baltic (Radical)"
      "Brasser Slugs Langers"

      U2Pac – All Irish Eyez On Me
      "5 of Irelandz Most Wanted"
      "All Irish Eyez on Me"
      "All About U2"

      Kanye West – 808′s & Pink Hearts…
      "Leprechaun Lockdown"
      "Welcome to Heartbreak Boozer"
      "Rapid (Amazing)"

      10. Rick Ross – Leprechaun Don

      "Delorean DMC-12 Music"
      "Super Bolloxed"
      "Sinead O'Connor"

      Jay-Z – The Green Album
      "Change Duds"
      "What More Can I Bloody Blather?"
      "99 Bottles (and a Stout Ain't One)"

    • egotrip

      Bravo, my good man. Bravo.

    • bigbirdington

      Missed a great opportunity to drop a Raekwon Emerald Tape.

    • iamdjtreats

      A bucket o' gold right here.