1. AUDIO: Invy Da Truth - "Loyalty" (Free Download).


    Admittedly we know very little about emcee Invy Da Truth . Well, other than the fact that he reps the Motor City, and his latest single, "Loyalty" - culled from the forthcoming LP, #YUCK - is pretty sick . Producer Chanes brings enough bass and heavy ass synth wooshes to cause earth tremors. Invy gets right to it lyrically, effectively applying his gravelly timbre to some well-constructed word association: "In H-Town like a Astro/ Cuz I Bagwell/ No pastels/ Just stacks and a bottle like a Advil/ Mad kill/ That's a cheap shot/ It's happy hour." Another round, please? Listen and download, after the jump...

    BONUS: video trailer for forthcoming, #YUCK LP.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Fox

      Dope record!