1. See, Hear: Interview with R&B Singer/Actress Vanity (1985).

    See, Hear: Interview with R&B Singer/Actress Vanity (1985).

    Sending special birthday shouts to none other than Denise Matthews, the entertainer formerly known as Vanity. It’s been a long time since the Prince protégée was a “Nasty Girl” (Matthews has been an evangelist since the mid ’90s) yet one can catch a glimpse of her old wild side in this sit down for the Ebony/Jet Showcase television series in which she’s quizzed by Bryant Gumbel’s bro, Greg. A peep into what we presume is her crib at the time reveals Vanity’s new wavish art work and a fixation for the cartoon character Betty Boop. To further celebrate the one-time sex symbol’s born day, may we suggest you crank up the VCR and throw on those VHS copies of The Last Dragon and Action Jackson.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • RoeLuv

      Umm she seems under the influence…but I’d still hit

    • http://tytyindustries.com Tyrone Fuller

      mann, dat hoe done smoked hella dank! musta been dat Bob Marley piffffff-o-matic! she look indian doe. i thought she was a yellabone. oh well. i woulda smashed too. bryant’s bro looks like he fixed her up with that DOPE. mainline.

    • J the Sexiest Letter

      so innocent, so gorgeous… a total dream girl. (sigh)

    • http://www.jungleroom.com phillip

      the most beautiful woman to ever walk the face of the earth..

    • egotrip

      We choose to agree with you Phillip.

    • Roque

      aw hell nah: YouTube user closed his/her account

    • marquiskc93

      Shes not this good looking anymore, but she use to be super badd

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