1. KCET’s Conversation with Designer Brent Rollins.

    We weren’t gonna post this because we have conversations with designer Brent Rollins all the friggin’ time – big whoop! Then we realized that ego trip’s resident art director – whose past credits include film logos for John Singleton’s Boyz N The Hood , Spike Lee’s Mo’ Better Blues , and album covers for Gang Starr, Black Star, Dilated Peoples etc. – probably merits the extra shine. And then there’s that story about how a teenaged Brent’s feet wound up featured in the movie poster for Spike’s classic Do The Right Thing

    (Poster for Do the Right Thing . Rollins’s feet are in the upper right hand corner.)

    As our esteemed colleague Oliver Wang asks, how did Brent wind up on that poster, anyways?


    Yeah, [the poster] was shot on the backlot of Universal Studios and this was some sort of brownstone block they had and they had shot Dick Tracy on the same block. It was kind of cool because around the corner was the town square from Back To The Future . Growing up in L.A. is super surreal… particularly if you have access to Hollywood locations and stuff. This non-reality that exists.

    Those were my feet with the orange socks and the white Air Jordan IV’s in the corner. I met Art Sims, who is an art director in L.A., via a good friend of mine whose sister, Robi Reed, is a casting director, and she was doing casting for Spike Lee. They were shooting this poster and they needed some kids to be in the background so we got the call and we [became] extras in this photo shoot. I went up to Art Sims and I was like, ‘hey, this is what I want to do.’ So he got my number and started putting me in work after that.

    Peep the rest of ODub and Brent’s conversation, HERE .

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