1. WATCH: Interview with Coke La Rock – Hip-Hop’s 1st Emcee.

    After being uploaded to youtube last fall, this video has been re-circulating lately, and today August 11th seems an appropriate day to re-post as it’s the anniversary of Kool Herc’s very first party at 1520 Sedgwick in 1973. Above Steven Hager, author of one of the earliest books about hip-hop (1984’s Hip Hop on St. Martin’s Press), conducts an interview with Coke La Rock, a/k/a Kool Herc’s emcee, a/k/a the first emcee in hip-hop. Topics of discussion include: memories of the aforementioned party at 1520 Sedgwick, the origins of phrases like “rock, ya don’t stop” and “hotel, motel,” and dramatic details of the fateful night Herc was stabbed, leading to Coke’s departure from hip-hop. Essential viewing. Happy birthday, hip-hop (and you too, rap).

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