1. AUDIO: Induce – “Miami Boogie Gems” DJ Mix.

    Live and direct from the Sunshine State comes this energetic blast of mostly early ’80s boogie as mixed by producer/vocalist Induce courtesy our friends at Wax Poetics. Yet, you need not reside anywhere near South Beach (or any beach, really) to enjoy the servings of vintage disco rap, vocoder electro, and disco featured herein. Sunburn not included.

    “Miami Boogie Gems” DJ Mix by Induce Track List:

    1. Omari “After Loving You” (Bound Sound) 1983
    2. The Blue Denim Band “Spunk in the Funk” (Rose)
    3. Komputer Kid “Video Jones” (Jones) 1983
    4. Vernon Burch “Do It to Me” (Spector) 1981
    5. Klockwurk “Get Up Outcha Seat” (Red Rooster) 1981
    6. King Tut “Comin Out” (TK Disco) 1980
    7. Unit 3 “Let’s Boogie (Tonight)” (Bound Sound) 1982
    8. Hokis Pokis “Can’t Wait for Love” (Shield) 1975
    9. Michael Sterling “Desperate” (Success) 1983
    10. Mirror “Give It Up” (Get Off) 1979
    11. Starr’s Computer Band “Computer Rock Control” (Survivor) 1983
    12. Fall-Out “Der – Mer” (Tshamba) 1983
    13. Osé “Party Beat” (Treasure) 1984
    14. Extra Funk Factory “Final Mix” (Konduko) 1984

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