1. Meet the Indian Business Man with the 7-Pound Shirt Made of Gold (VIDEO).

    Indian business man Datta Phuge is livin’ large (and dangerously, if you ask us). His fetish for gold has lead him to acquire an eye-poppin’ 22-karat, 3.25 gram shirt woven from the shiny metal, which he of course spruces up with an additional 5 kilos of golden necklaces, bracelets, rings that would leave Mr. T green with envy.

    As Mass Appeal reports: The shirt itself is an ornate and complex piece that took 15 goldsmiths working 18-hour days to assemble. According to Indian publication Pune Mirror it features “14,000 gold flowerings, interwoven with one lakh spangles, which was assembled on a fabric base of imported white velvet. The shirt has six Swarovski buttons and a gold belt to complete the look.”

    Take a closer look at the golden duds.

    [Via Mass Appeal ]

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