1. Indelible MC's Perform "The Fire In Which You Burn” at Fat Beats NYC in 1997 (VIDEO).


    DJ Eclipse says: In 1997, Company Flow , The Juggaknots and J-Treds joined forces to become The Indelibles . What we have here is footage from their Fat Beats NYC in-store for the release of "The Fire In Which You Burn" (Official/Rawkus). Watch Breeze Brewin' , J-Treds, El-P and Bigg Jus rip the mic (one mic at that) as they perform "Fire" while Mr. Len , a/k/a Space Ghost, spins the instrumentals. Then get ready for some bonus rounds with additional footage... from some of the aforementioned along with Queen Herawin , Wordsworth and Ill Bill . Shout out to Pumpkinhead , A.L. Skills , Rok One and Max Glazer who also rocked earlier that day while we were all waiting for J-Treds' late ass to show up.

    [Via 2DBz ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • nonamepicked

      when folk mention their favourite MC's, El-P's name rarely gets mentioned... i hope that's down to forgetfulness.

    • El-P Fell Off

      Maybe that's because he bitched out on hip-hop to do some other shit... not sure what you'd call it but dressing in camo and wearing fake blood on stage to whine about George Bush ain't hip-hop.