1. Immortal Technique Discusses Mr. Obama’s Policies, Flip Flopppin’ Romney’s Chances & Politricks as Usual.

    Vlad TV sat down with the outspoken Immortal Technique to get his views on the current political climate and, like as expected, the Harlem rapper didn’t hold back, touching on various topics like Mr. Obama’s willingness to “George Bush the button” on Somalian pirates and bin Laden, assessing Flip Floppin’ Romney’s attempt to make-over his uncaring and unemotional personality (“he’s the kind of guy that [if he were your boss] and you asked him for a day off, he would just be like, ‘No’ [even if your mom was dying]”), and why no matter who is elected, the powerful elite behind the scenes will still influence the President’s actions.

    [Via Vlad TV ]

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