1. Ill Bill — "Truth" (prod. by Pete Rock) (AUDIO).


    Ill Bill demonstrates he still has the hunger to rhyme as if he was brand new to the game with his latest single, simply titled "Truth." Showing no mercy, he spits "the type of rap you feel in your cardiac/ the grimey, illmatical boom bap/ mathematical goon rap" on a glorious-sounding track from none other than Pete Rock .

    (Pre-order Ill Bill's The Grimy Awards HERE . Hittin' you over the head on February 26.)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • doc...

      Not trying to hate on Pete or Bill, but I'm just not feeling this one. I get excited, and subsequently fooled, when I see Pete's name now. The beat is not really up to par with Pete's own standards and Bill is still rapping like he has a point to prove. The hunger is indeed still there, but maybe it is time to step up the palette a bit.

    • bboycult

      " That Hardcore HipHop w/heart" - Ill Bill ......ain't got to say no more. Pete vomited Mount Vernon all over this track! All soundboi/fuckboi LICK IT UP!

    • really doe?

      it's crazy cos I thought the exact opposite of you. This the best Pete Rock beat I've heard in years and Bill sounds like he did back in the Non Phixion days which is a plus IMO. I didn't expect that.

    • C.Scott

      I have to agree. Ill Bill's delivery just doesn't mesh well with a bright, soulful track like this.