1. SEE, HEAR: Iceberg Slim Interviewed on “The Joe Pyne Show” (1968).

    This is a fascinating look at Robert Beck, or as he was better known to the world, Iceberg Slim , the former procurer turned author of the influential street classic, Pimp: The Story of My Life . Appearing on the edgy television program hosted by the controversial (and also influential) Joe Pyne to talk about his second book, Trick Baby , Beck chose to don an almost S&M-like black mask to conceal his identity since he had left the pimping game and had entered the square world, living a “respectable family life.”

    Although this is just a three minute excerpt from a longer interview, there’s a decent amount of interesting ground covered. The writer discusses White Folks, the main character of his sophomore novel, a con artist whose mother was a Black prostitute who “had had sexual congress with a White man and there had been an accident,” as he puts it. For his part, Pyne is an on-point interviewer who questions Beck about the con game, noting one of the main truths of the racket: “You can’t cheat an honest man because a confidence man’s greatest asset is the basic dishonesty of the victim.” One thing, though… you’ll have to forgive the excessive watermarks on the video clip. They, thankfully, don’t take away from the content.

    (Props to ‪richardborys1954‬ for the upload)

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