1. SEE, HEAR: Ice Cube in Holland (1991).

    SEE, HEAR: Ice Cube in Holland (1991).

    Once again we see that overseas coverage of hip-hop back in the day produced some rather entertaining results. Case in point, this short look at Ice Cube invading Holland back in '91 . Put together by Bram van Splunteren (director of the incredible 1986 hip-hop documentary Big Fun In the Big Town , which we screened in NYC two years ago ), this mini doc captures O'Shea Jackson reciting his lyrics from PE's "Burn Holllywood Burn," letting the crowd participate in a rendition of "Once Upon A Time In The Projects," and an animated performance with protege Yo-Yo of a "It's A Man's World." But that's not all. Listen to what Cube has to say about Euro audiences responding to his music and his opinion on gold diggers. Props to nldrayson for the upload.

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