1. WATCH: Ice Cube Celebrates The Eames.

    WATCH: Ice Cube Celebrates The Eames.

    Granted, it's been a minute since anyone's probably thought of Ice Cube as "The N*gga You Love to Hate." Yet not even deviations into family friendliness like Are We There Yet? can properly prepare anyone for O'Shea's latest incarnation as cultured design aficionado in the above video - a B&W mini-film celebrating mid-century design icons Charles and Ray Eames .

    Produced for “Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980" - the Getty Institute-organized collection of exhibitions on the postwar Southern California art scene - it features the former N.W.A firebrand cruising around L.A. in a drop top discussing the city's at times ridiculed architectural landscape, then walking around the Eames House in the Pacific Palisades looking like Morpheus from The Matrix . As he admires the husband and wife team's innovative work, he spouts such thoughts as...

    - "I studied architectural drafting, and one thing I learned is that you always gotta have a plan."

    - "Two days to build this frame. TWO DAYS."

    - "They were doing mash-ups BEFORE MASH-UPS EVEN EXISTED."

    - "In a world of McMansions where the structure takes up all the land, the Eames made structure and nature one."

    - "This is goin' green 1949 style, bitch. BELIEDAT."

    ... all recited in that patented, mad emphatic I'm-avenging-the-death-of-my-South-African-brother-who-doesn't-resemble-me-even-in-the-slightest-in- Dangerous Ground Cube voice. Read more, including a Q&A with Cube, in the New York Times ' piece, HERE .

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